Leadership Team & Key Contacts


Ireland - Mrs Tracey Butcher

Madagascar - Mrs Rachel Turnbull and Mrs Maria Jarvis

LSA's - Mrs Jane Tate, Mrs Sue Peaceful, Miss Libby Revell and Miss Lauren Hales

Year 1

India - Ms Nidhi Khokher

Egypt - Mr Richard Penn

LSA's - Mrs Tara Russell, Mrs Lisa Edmondson, Mrs Lisa Jackson and Miss Abi Cobb

Year 2

Norway - Miss Alice Church

Japan - Miss Lauren Coates

LSA's - Mrs Jane Rixson, Mrs Maria Eaton and Mrs Charlotte Hellis-Gilbert

Year 3

Greece - Mrs Claire Coultous

Italy - Mrs Carla Chapman
LSA's - Miss Sarah Weeks and Mrs Sally Twin

Year 4

Brazil - Mrs Katthrine Singleton

Sweden - Miss Rachel Tiley

LSA's - Miss Beverly Hynd and Mrs Donna Henderson

Year 5

Jamaica - Miss Charlotte Woolf

Monaco - Mrs Sreeja Ranjith

LSA's - Mrs Sue Carver and Mrs Vicky Butler

Year 6 

New Zealand - Mrs Jade Rodrigues

Cuba - Mr Jeremy Puncher

LSA's - Mrs Claire Kay
Inclusion Team
Ms Sue Pittman - Training SENDCo
Mrs Kristie Gibbs - Pastoral

Mrs Nic Stoat - Pastoral

Mrs Jess Roof - Pastoral
Miss Louise Royffe - Pastoral
Speech and Language Enhanced Provision

Mrs Claire Summers -SLEP teacher 

Ms Sue Pittman - SLEP teacher



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