Modern Foreign Languages

Welcome to Modern Foreign Languages at Corringham Primary. Please click the image below to see the subjects intent: 

Curriculum Intent

To ensure that pupils learn and build on their subject knowledge from Reception to Year 6 Corringham devised our curriculum progression maps:

Progression map



IMG 20211207 153824

As children and visitors move around our school they will see lots of French vocabulary on displays in classrooms throughout the year groups.  These are words that are used on a day to day basis as part of our cross curricular approach.

IMG 20211207 155107

IMG 20211207 155143

We enhance our French curriculum by using resources from 'Rigalo.'  Not only does this have interactive resources but it also has activities to enable our pupils to show off their knowledge at the same time as revisiting previous vocabulary taught.  This year 5 work shows that they have been learning to name school equipment at the same time as revisiting colour names, clever! They have also been using songs and games to name and record body parts in French as well as taking part in short conversations.

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