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Curriculum Intent


At Corringham we have developed a bespoke phonics programme which is tailored to our pupils and our community’s needs. It teaches everything our pupils need at the pace and degree they need to. Pupils are taught at their pace and home support materials such as reading books are regularly sent home. Any materials sent home are matched to where that particular pupil is working. Pupils' successes and progress is regularly reviewed so that teaching can be adapted. 

Please explore the links below to find out more about Phonics at CPS. 

Parent Presentation and Letter:

 Phonics Presentation         Phonics at Home


Sound Mats:

Sound MatSound Mat 2

Short Sounds:Short Cards                Long Sounds:    Long Cards                                 

                                  Helpful Guide for Parents                                   How to use your hands

Twinkl Map                     Hand


For Pronouncing The Phonemes 

When using youtube - we can not control the  adverts that may appear. If watching them with your children please be mindful of these. The links we use have been uploaded for children so any adverts should be appropiate.

Jolly Phonic Songs

Phonics Games To Play


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