Year 2 - Pirate Day

In Year 2 this term the children have been learning about pirates and explorers in our 'Land Ahoy' topic. Last week, the children embraced the swashbuckling life and had the opportunity to come to school dressed, acting and talking like pirates! The children had a great time and really enjoyed the experience.

The day started with the children choosing a pirate name and a pirate job to really immerse themselves in the experience. After, the children designed and created their own pirate flags to represent their 'crew.' Next, the pesky crew from Norway class attacked Japan class and a ferocious battle was fought through a series of pirate games. The children learnt to identify key areas of the boat, as well as being able to identify the starboard, port, the stern and bow of a ship. The children then made hard tack biscuits for lunch, measuring and kneading the mixture themselves whilst learning the importance of pirate food. Finally, the children had a paper boat race.

Mia C from Japan said 'my favourite part of the day was making the hard tack biscuits.' 'The biscuits were really dry to stop the food rotting on long journeys.'

The children will now use the pirate day experience as a stimulus to write a thrilling diary entry.


IMG 0570

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