What We Do

Within SLEP we have 2 speech therapists and a Specialist Speech and Language Teacher. We also have a specialist Speech and Language Assistant. Together, alongside your child’s year group team, we support your child’s speech and/or language needs. We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Working with the child in their classroom
  • Carrying out small group interventions
  • Paired work
  • Individual speech therapy
  • Advising, supporting and supplying appropriate resources for your child’s class teacher
  • Continually assessing the child’s needs and tracking progress.

In addition to supporting your child, we will also enable you to help your child at home. We do this through;

  • Parent’s evenings in addition to the meeting you will have with your child’s class teacher.
  • Coffee mornings where parents can meet together to support one another.
  • Parent information sessions where we explain types of therapies and interventions used to support your child.
  • Target setting and progress meetings.
  • An annual EHC review.
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