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Curriculum Information

Our school is an exciting place to learn.  Our vision is to give every child coming into our school an education they enjoy which prepares them for academic and personal success now and in the future.

The aim of our curriculum is to provide a broad and balanced subject range which challenges, engages and children enjoy learning.


Our Curriculum

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Cornerstones Curriculum
This is an exciting topic based curriculum, with pupil engagement and creativity at its heart.  Each unit lasts for a complete half term and across the course of time all aspects of the National Curriculum are covered.

This programme embraces most curriculum subjects giving pupils a rounded learning experience where all of the subjects of the curriculum are interlinked.

In addition to the Cornerstones curriculum,  we also have our White Rose Maths curriculum.  This supports our discrete teaching of maths and ensures the children are able to access different levels of challenge and depth of application. We also give children the opportunity to learn and practice mental maths skills daily in a short ten for 10 session.  We promote the use and understanding of maths throughout our curriculum, encouraging children to use and apply their skills in science, geography, history, design technology and art. 

We use Power of Reading and The Literary Curriculum quality key texts to help develop the skills of spoken language, reading and writing in accordance with the National Curriculum.  Children get exciting opportunities to write for a range of purposes, applying their grammatical handwriting and spelling skills.

Our prime approach to early reading is synthetic phonics through the Letters and Sounds programme. This builds the children's understanding of how words are constructed.  Children learn how to put sounds together to make complete words and then how to break words apart to spell them.  We teach children to develop comprehension skills to ensure that they understand what they read and develop skills of inference, deduction and factual retrieval.  Through reading a range of text types, the children are taught comprehension skills such as summarising, predicting, inferring and retireving.  We are keen to develop children's vocabulary and consequently the use of thesauruses and dictionaries is encouraged.  The children have access to a wide range of texts which they are able to take home and share with their families.  

Handwriting and Spelling
We have high expectations of our pupils' spelling and presentation. We insist on accurate letter formation using the Cambridge Penpals scheme. By Upper Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to use pen for the majority of their writing, using a practical, fluid handwriting style. From Year 3 to Year 6 we use the Clued Spelling programme for accuracy in spelling the 1000 high frequency words.

Our PE lessons are taught using the Val Sabin PE scheme which leads our children through the many aspects of PE including gymnastics, athletics and developing a wide variety of skills.

Schools have to decide the scheme and syllabus they use for teaching RE. In this school we use the Thurrock RE Syllabus.

Thurrock RE Syllabus

Curriculum by Year Group

Please use the links below to access your childs current area of learning, if you have any further questions please contact the school.


KS1 Reading Guidance

On entry in to Ortu Corringham Primary, we teach synthetic phonics as our primary reading strategy. The children receive discrete phonics lessons each day to learn the sounds (phonemes) they need and the letters that make them (graphemes). We follow the Letters and Sounds Scheme in order to do this effectively. The children have access to home reading books and library books.

KS1 & Phonics Workshop

KS2 Reading Guidance

Please use the links below to access guidance on reading in Key Stage 2:

KS2 Powerpoint Workshop

LS2 Reading Prompts

Parents Guide - Key Questions

Oxford Owl Parent Information

Maths Information

Please use the link below to access the PowerPoint presentation from the Parent Maths Workshop.

Maths Workshop Information

Calculation Policy


At Ortu Corringham Primary School, we promote British Values through our core values of Courage, Compassion, Respect, Responsibility and Honesty.


Our children get very excited about their electronic devices. In order to ensure we work together to keep your children safe while online, The Parents' Guide to Technology from the UK Safer Internet Centre explains how to ensure the safe use of gaming devices, smartphones, tablets and more for children. I hope you find this very useful as we continue to work to keep our children safe in an online world.

Online Safety Guide

Latest Tweets

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It an end of an era today as the staff say a fond farewell to Mrs Kelly Hamilton as she leaves us after 22 years. We will miss her lots but know she will be fantastic in her new role as headteacher!
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🌟 Look at our beautiful nature garden created by our wonderful PTA 🌟#Enterpriseevent
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🌟 What a fantastic turnout for our Enterprise Event early today. The whole school was buzzing with people buying lots of goodies 🌟#Enterpriseevent
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Year 2 received a shock visit this week from Captain Longbeard. He must have received their letters!
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🌟 Today is the day we open our doors at 3.30 pm for the start of our Enterprise Event 🌟 Can’t wait to see you all there!! 😃
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Here's a sneaky snapshot of year 2 busy preparing for our Enterprise Event later today!
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Year 6 have been busy making items for enterprise!
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The pre-school children are coming to the end of their topic - Do dragons exist? To celebrate their learning we worked together to make a large dragon using boxes.
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Years 4, 5 & 6 are enjoying Gable Hall roadshow this morning 🎼🎤
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Yesterday afternoon, Year 2 went on a treasure hunt to find Captain Longbeard's stolen booty, hidden in our school grounds. But now he wants it back. What will we do?
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⭐️Come and join us for lots of fun and fundraising ⭐️
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Our aspiring year 6 investigating whether smell affects your taste buds 👃
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Please follow the link below to view our weekly newsletter 📰
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Sneak peak...Greece class have started making items to sell for the enterprise event. Come and see us on Thursday 18th July to see what we have created!
@ OrtuCPS
Year 5 enjoyed dissecting a flower grown in our school garden. They accurately used scientific language to label the parts of a plant and checked their scientific vocabulary with their group.
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Enterprise day preparations are well under way. Don't forget to drop by Year 3 to pick up a Mandala stone!
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Year 1 have been using the sunshine to experiment with creating shadows ☀️
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