Here at Corringham Primary, we believe that the wearing of school uniform gives the children a sense of identity within the community. The wearing of uniform sets a general standard, which we expect parents of Corringham Primary to support.

The school uniform consists of:

Boys Girls
White polo / Logo t-shirt White polo / Logo t-shirt
Navy Trousers/Tailored Shorts Navy Skirt/Pinafore Dress
Royal Blue Logo V Neck Jumper Royal Blue Logo Cardigan
PE logo t-shirt Blue/White Gingham Dress
Dark PE shorts PE Logo T-shirt
Dark Tracksuit Blue/Black Dark PE Shorts
Black Shoes Dark Tracksuit Blue/Black
  Flat Heeled Black Shoes

Children may wear small stud earrings and a watch – no other jewellery is permitted unless for specific religious reasons which must be agreed by the Headteacher.

Trainers are not permitted to be worn for school.


For P.E, we ask that the children wear a plain royal blue tee shirt or logo t-shirt, navy shorts and black plimsolls. Trainers and a blue/black tracksuit may be worn for outdoor activities only.

All earrings must be removed – ears may only be taped for 6 weeks after the ears have been pierced.

Children are not permitted to wear nail varnish or make up and will be asked to remove it.

How to buy our uniform

Our uniform is available for you to purchase from:

Please use the link below for more information



We are currently sourcing an additional supplier and will update the details shortly.


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